The Waterhouse at South Bund
2017-02-27 15:39

Situated at South Bund, just 20 minutes from Nanjing Road Central, this formerly abandoned historical structure has been reinvented as a boutique hotel. It Incorporates 19 guestrooms rooms and 4 stories of unique function spaces rounded off with a stunning rooftop. Ideal for private events and cocktails for 20 to 70 people. Retrofitted by the Chinese architectural firm NHDRO, the concept behind this project was to maintain the buildings stripped concrete feel while adding in select elements of style and substance associated with modern architecture and design. Surprise your guests with this unique venue in an unexpected and exciting setting. A blend of elements of Shanghai's history uplifted by modern concepts. Housed in an adjacent building within the compound of The Waterhouse complex, there is an 8,000 square-foot (743sqm) pillarless multi-purpose warehouse. Boasting a soaring ceiling (6m high) and with a flexible easy-to-covert layout, this space is perfect for a wide range of events such as product launches, fashion shows, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and other promotional activities. It's a capacity allows for up to 600 guests in a standing cocktail. To create a memorable event at either of these venues that your guests will never forget, contact Destination China today.