• Shanghai Waterfront, Pudong Shanghai

    What an amazing location for a dinner in Shanghai with the view of the Bund as your setting. It is a backdrop and environment you just cannot replicate and one that guests will talk to their friends about for years. Events here require special permission not only from the local authorities but from the Shanghai Municipal Government.  
  • Juyonguan, The Great Wall of China

    Experiencing an event on one of the world's greatest historical monuments is a rare privilege. This makes it an incredible opportunity for you to provide your guests with a once in a lifetime experience. Destination China is able to arrange events at several sections of the Great Wall including the Juyonguan, Badaling and Mutianyu. We have experience creating events on the Great Wall for groups as small as 10 and as large as 1200.
  • Beihai Park, Beijing

    A venue whose ethereal beauty and exclusivity makes for a very special event. Being a former "Summer Palace" there are several courtyard complexes which are potential venue options for group sizes of 50 to 250 guests. One of the most important sites in Beijing that comes under the direct authority of the Ministry of Culture, you would require Destination Chinas expertise and knowledge to hold an event here.
  • Great Hall of The People, Beijing

    China's most important political building. To just enter takes several levels of permission. The Great Hall can be used for groups from 10 to 5000. It has halls that represent each of the countries 33 provinces and 4 municipalities. These range in size from a maximum of 20 persons to 250. In addition there is the Golden Hall that seats up to 800 and the Grand Hall which seats a maximum of 5000. 
  • Tai Miao Ancestral Temple Hall - Forbidden City

    As an alternative to the open Tai Miao Courtyard, a dinner can be held inside the actual Ancestral Hall. The Hall houses the only complete Bian Zhong, a classical musical instrument from the State of Chu, 430BC, which can be a centrepiece of any performance. The lighting of the Tai Miao Temple Courtyard makes for an unforgettable entrance.
  • Happy Valley & Sha Tin Race Course, Members Guests Stands

    Horse Racing is not just a sport in Hong Kong, it is an institution. HKJC has 2 great venues with electric atmosphere. Shatin - daytime races on Saturday or Sunday and Happy Valley - spectacular night races on Wednesdays. These options are always winners. At both venues Destination China can book boxes in the members guests stand providing your group an exclusive option. Enhancements  include tipsters, fortune tellers and themed race day set-ups.
  • China Club, Hong Kong

    This private members club is one of the most exclusive dining venues in Hong Kong. As a member Destination China can make your guests "members for a day". The Ballroom takes up to 100 guests while there are several smaller rooms for 10 to 50 guests. Art Deco in style with a wonderful collection of art, the Club is wonderfully "classic". No mobile phones, smart casual dress code and no guests under 16 years of age.
  • Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, Guangxi

    This experience will move your guests and leave them in awe of their natural surroundings. A "backdrop" created over millions of years. The ministry managing this site on the UNESCO watch list allows a maximum of 10 events per year. 10 to 100 guests.
  • Urban Town Planning Centre, Shanghai

    A full scale model of the city of Shanghai is the "centrepiece" and main attraction of a cocktail here. This followed by a dinner in the Exhibition Hall or the Entry with the spectacular sculpture depicting the main architectural highlights of Shanghai. For meetings the 4th Floor auditorium holds up to 110 participants. Cocktails for 50 to 1000 guests and for dinners up to 200 guests in the Foyer or 250 guests in the exhibition area. 
  • Shanghai Museum, Peoples Park

    The Foyer of the Shanghai Museum is a magnificent venue for either a cocktail or a dinner. Prior to the cocktail or dinner, private viewings of the museums galleries can be arranged for the group. For a standing cocktail event, this venue can hold 250 people and for a dinner the maximum number is 120.
  • Children's Palace Shanghai

    Once home to the famous Kadoori family, it is now a school for talented young Chinese. The Marble Hall in the Children's Palace will take your guests back to the heady days of Shanghai at the turn of the 20th Century. The main hall here can sit up to 140 guests for dinner or a round table meeting.
  • Tai Miao Courtyard & Treasure Hall - Forbidden City

    The only sections of the Forbidden City that have held private events are Tai Miao and the Treasure Hall. Destination China was the first private DMC  to run an event in Tai Miao in 2000 and the Treasure Hall in 2005. We have the most experience in gaining permission to hold and run events in these exclusive venues. The Tai Miao Courtyard can hold up to 1000 people, the Tai MIao Hall 250 and the Treasure Hall up to 600.
  • Crown Wine Cellars, Hong Kong

    A piece of Hong Kong's heritage and the cities only UNESCO Heritage site this exclusive wine club gives you a unique option for a great dinner in a venue guests would not be able to find, let alone book themselves. Built into pre-WWII Bunkers it consists of 3 dining spaces, the Atrium, The Bunker and the Library. Small or medium sized dinners or a cocktail are all possible here. 
  • Shanghai Film Studio

    With established sets modelled on Shanghai in the 1930's and a classic Chinese village as well as facades of the buildings in Shanghai often used for Soap Operas there is no need to "theme" this venue. But if you do want a specific theme the studios can be turned into whatever your heart desires or your mind imagines. With plenty of extras always willing to participate, you can have a great fun event here.
  • The House of Siren Hong Kong

    A private collection of outfits and costumes an eclectic space and great catering facilities. The ways that you can use House of Siren to create an amazing experience is only limited by the imagination. So lets combine our imaginations and make use of this wonderful private space and costume collection to create colour, fun and memories.