• James Bond Theme

    "Goldfinger He's the man, the man with the Midas touch A spider's touch Such a cold finger... " a classic song to a classic movie, the villain versus the world's favourite spy. This is such a fun and versatile event, one that everyone can relate to and that can be performance based, interactive or a combination of both. We can set the scene, provide the entertainment and produce a great evening for you." The names Bond, James Bond." 
  • Carnival

    For franchises meetings or organisations that comprise family businesses and whose families may travel with them, this is a great theme. Sponsors or suppliers can put up themed stalls, family games, photos booths and other props and centerpieces such as Maypoles and Piñata's can add to the fun. Everyone can "walk away" with a prize and the host an effective way of allowing suppliers to promote and get across a message to their guests.
  • Life is a Cabaret

    Burlesque theatre. A literary, dramatic or musical work often referred to in the US as variety show entertainment. This is great "grown-up" entertainment. Extremely popular from the 1860's to 1940's in clubs, theatres and speakeasy's this highly entertaining format has had a resurgence since the 1990's. A great way to dress up a dinner venue and dress up the guests to fit the theme. It can be wholesome fun or risqué. And always a hit.
  • Mao Theme Night

    Chairman Mao is the most recognisable image of China. His face adorns the Tian'anmen Gate as well as books, posters, signboards, multiple items that guests will find in the markets and of course the RMB notes. So this is a very recognisable theme and it can be a lot of fun by adding Mao souvenirs to the table for guests to take home, providing Mao shoulder bags and green caps with red stars. Simple, easy, effective and fun.
  • Imperial Theme

    The Little Emperor seated on his throne, queen, concubines, eunuchs and performers there to grant his every wish. It is a great way to bring to life the grandeur of Imperial China. It is succour to the imagination of guests who have explored the Forbidden City, walked the Great Wall and been awed by the Temple of Heaven. The final piece in the puzzle as a final night event. And of course a great photo opportunity for guests on the throne.
  • Red and Black Dinner

    Having dinner on the Great Wall of China is already a "bucket list filler", but with the right themeing and set it can go from unbelieveable to out of this world. Regardless of the location, we can raise the level of your guests experience with great designs and concepts.
  • Gambling Theme

    Combine the Chinese classics of Fan Tan, Yu Ha Hai and Baccarat with Black Jack, Roulette and Craps and there is something for everyone to enjoy and to learn. Whether for prizes or just for pride, this is a great way to start or finsih a dinner or to have as a standing mobile event. For" breaking the ice" and interaction this classic theme is unbeatable.
  • Blockbuster

    So when was the last time you went to the movies? With this concept and the entertainment you can bring the movies to them. An event that can be era related or cross several generations of favourites. Every movie has a recognisable song, great character and often dance that was memorable. A blockbuster theme is a great fun way to get your guests chatting and laughing together comparing memories and experiences.
  • Hong Kong at the Movies

    It is rare to find anyone who doesn't know about Bruce Lee and since the 1950's to the modern era Hong Kong has featured prominantly in movies from the Pink Panther to James Bond and Transformers. A fun, recognisable themed experience that fits Hong Kong perfectly.
  • Shanghai Roaring 20's Party

    A classic theme for an event in Shanghai. The era is one that is so much a part of Shanghai's DNA that it is a perfect fit for a group visiting the city. Using great imagery, decor,  sets and entertainment that would have been "the real deal" in that era, you can really bring the history of the city referred to as  "The Pearl of Asia" and the "Wall Street of Asia" to life.
  • Shanghai Theme Cocktail

    A classical theme with a modern twist. Elements of the 1920's and 1930's mixed with modern pieces in a elite fashion brand store. There are so many ways we can bring the history and future of Shanghai together to create a themed experience that will excite your groups.
  • Food Street Theme

    There is no better way to introduce your guests to the tastes, scents, sounds and colour of local cuisine than with a local food street theme. Enhanced with entertainment, gifts and games the experience is always an eye opener. Food Street themed events can be held anywhere. Ballrooms, actual streets, driveways... Whichever space works and creates the best atmosphere.