• Keynote Speaker Address

    Not all keynote speakers present the same way as not all sets, video or slide content work for every occasion. With the multiple changes that are inevitable with multiple speakers you need the best support possible. In both the pre-planning and on-site management Destination China will provide you with  the best in expertise and support personnel.
  • Grand Designs

    Different spaces call for different design concepts and ideas. There is also the requirement to understand the parameters within which a set can be designed and made with regards to rules and restrictions of venues and locations. Our "local knowledge" means we can help you create and build the best possible designs in any given space you choose.
  • Confidential or One-on-One Meetings

    As important to many events as the keynote and guest speakers are the more intimate one-on-one meetings between clients and their partners and smaller boardroom meetings. Whether these are held in function spaces or re-configured guest rooms. We can ensure their privacy and security and set-up all the necessary AV, product or communication tools required in these meetings. Bespoke services for VIP meetings.
  • Backdrop and Conference Design

    While some companies have in-house designers and others appointed agencies, as a local DMC, we can often bring ideas and concepts to the fore that match or meet the end-users requirements and incorporate local themes.
  • Unique Meeting & Conference Spaces

    Hotels are not the only options available for meetings and conferences. In fact often the spaces outside of the hotels are more inspiring and sometimes more cost effective than hotels. Let our team find you alternates if you are looking to create a different feel or impression on the target audience.
  • Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions can be one of the trickiest parts of an event, but if delivered properly one of the most effective and interactive with audience questions. If Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) is required, another layer of complexity is added. From prepping the speakers and the SI to ensuring that the audience responders get to each question promptly, we can help manage all the elements that make panel discussions a highlight.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    When meetings or conferences have a requirement for specific language skills and technical knowledge of a product area, the selection of the right Simultaneous Interpreters for the job is essential. This along with the delivery of equipment and provision to the guests is all part of the seamless service we provide to make your event as successful as it can be.
  • Registration

    "You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression". Registration is where your delegates have their first face to face interaction with your representatives. From backdrop designs to badges and welcome material design and printing, staff selection and training we will work with you to make that first impression a great one.
  • AV & Production

    In all the main cities in China, Destination China has identified and works with the companies that provide the most up to date services and equipment in AV and Production. Together we will find the best ways to deliver your message in the hotel, exhibition space or other meeting and event venues that you select.