• Tai Miao in the Forbidden City

    Imagine holding an event or dinner in the most important historical landmark in the city of Beijing. The Tai Miao (Ancestral Temple) of the Forbidden City where the Emperors of China paid respects to their ancestors for over 800 years is that landmark. A revered imperial relic that only the very privileged few will ever get to experience for a private event. For all attendees this is a "once in a lifetime experience”.
  • The Grand Stage

    The Western Markets, formerly the central marketplace in Hong Kong (like Covent Garden in London) is one of cities oldest surviving buildings. Inside can be found The Grand Stage which offers a classical and somewhat quirky alternative to the sleeker, modern side of the Hong Kong metropolis. Great for events with post dinner parties.
  • SKY100

    Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula are spectacular from the ground, but from the air, they are breath-taking. SKY 100 ICC Hong Kong, at 100 floors above the harbour and the city is like viewing Hong Kong from the air but in the environment of a beautifully catered cocktail or dinner. 
  • Beihai Park

    A 1000 year old park that was first the Summer Palace and then the Winter Palace to the Chinese Imperial Dynasties that made Beijing their home. An evening in Beihai Park in the classical courtyards of what was once an Imperial resorts is an absolutely breath-taking experience.
  • Creative Spaces

    Mixing the classics - modern and from a famous but bygone era is a great way to surprise and excite an audience. A Classic Shanghai themed cocktail complete with cloths, backdrops and props from the 1920's in a Modern Fashion Boutique. A great way to present a product at an event.
  • Peace Hotel Ballroom

    Opened in 1929 the Cathay (Peace) Hotel built by Victor Sassoon was heralded as the most luxurious hostelry east of the Suez Canal. It was the place to see and be seen in the 1930's. Bankers, mafia bosses, visiting artists such as Noel Coward and many famous international guests frequented the hotel. The Ballroom restored to its original state is one of the best venues in Shanghai, particularly for a Roaring 1920's themed evening.
  • Shaw Movie Studios

    Why not make a movie, or have a dinner based around the making of a movie? The Shaw Studios in Hong Kong allow a unique opportunity to create either a memorable event or produce your own movie. Flexible and fun, everyone wants their "15 minutes of fame" and this will give it to them. Shaw Studios history of producing some of Hong Kong's greatest Kung Fu movies adds the appeal.
  • Beijing Hotel Ballroom

    Visiting Presidents and Prime Ministers were entertained in the Beijing Hotel Ballroom until the opening of the Great Hall of the People in 1959. It is still used for State meetings and events such as the APEC Forum. What better way to say to your guests, you are our dignitaries. It's classical features,  ornate pillars and stage make it an ideal event venue.
  • Cocktail River Cruise

    The Huangpu River winds through Shanghai dividing it into East and West. So from which side is it best to view the city? Taking a Cocktail Cruise on the Huangpu River gives you the opportunity to experience both. A great way to enjoy a pre-dinner event among colleagues and friends while enjoying the amazing and contrasting views of The Pudong (Eastern) and Puxi (Western) waterfront skylines of Shanghai.
  • The Bund, Shanghai

    You can't replicate one of the most iconic landmarks in the world,  so why try. Instead create an event that allows your guests to enjoy these iconic architectural masterpieces from the rooftop or balconies of one of the many world class venues along the  Bund. Looking across at the modern wonders of the Pudong skyline  your guests will wonder if they have gone back or forward in time.
  • White Party - Space 798

    A unique theme party concept at Space 798 in the Dashanzhi Art District is definitely something that your guests won't expect and will rave about for years to come. The element of surprise combined with a great atmosphere and complemented by exceptional food and wine makes for a great event. The venue is a 1950's Sino-Soviet munitions factory that has been revitalised as a modern art gallery. Just WOW.
  • Chinese Food Street

    There are few better ways to begin an event than with a Chinese Food Street Welcome Cocktail or Dinner. An opportunity to taste and try everything in a relaxed setting encouraging networking and the forming of new friendships. With minuets of regional entertainment to accompany the cuisine. Your guests will love their "introduction to China". Interactive entertainment can include Calligraphers and Fortune Tellers.
  • The Children's Palace

    It’s the 1920’s and in Shanghai, the “Wall Street of Asia” families vie to climb the social ladder. Right at the top sits the Kadoori family. The Marble Hall of the Children’s Palace, formerly the home of the Kadoori family in Shanghai is one of the city’s most spectacular and unique venues. Ideal for meetings, lunches or dinners, with expansive gardens, a beautiful marbled terrace and parquet wooden floors. A reminder of a bygone era.
  • The Reed Flute Caves

    Picture a place of stunning natural beauty and rich history, and then envision holding your exclusive event there. The Reed Flute Caves in Guilin. Incredible, exclusive, ethereal and unforgettable. Let us create an intimate evening for your VIP's with classical music filling these ancient caverns while your guests dine enriched by a performance of the regions Imperial classic, the Peacock Dance.
  • Dinner on the Juyonguan Section of the Great Wall

    The greatest Wonder of the Ancient World. The Great Wall of China creates the most memorable venue option for your guests. This experience doesn’t just tick the bucket list, it fills it. Diners can say “I didn't just see it and I didn't just climb it but I had dinner on the Great Wall”. How special is that. What a way to say "I've been to China."