Experience the Railway in China

China is saying goodbye to its older green trains, known for their distinctively slow pace and lack of air conditioning.

Internationals are Riding High in China

An Amazing Statistic: Every two weeks, there is a new international brand hotel in China opening to the public. Many of them luxury brands. More and more hotel chains are staking a claim on the burgeoning Chinese market with their luxury hotel brands.

A Taste of 2013

Summary of our 2013

The FIA Formula E Championship comes to Town
Lean, Green, Mean Machines - The FIA Formula E Championship comes to Town

Largest Salt Water Lake in China

A Lake Continues Expanding

A Spectacular Winter Celebration in Harbin

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is one of China’s most unique and spectacular annual events.

72 Hours in Beijing or Shanghai – VISA Free

In early December, the government announced foreign tourists from 45 countries will be able to enjoy a 72-hour visa-free stay in Beijing or Shanghai from Jan. 1, 2013. It is a major step towards enhancing open international city status.